And Now For A Message From the Creative Force

A Message From… 

SOOOO many fantastic conversations are going on lately, all stemming from the whole “artistic voice” idea. I see it in communities where participants from my workshops and retreats gather… and in the greater artistic community, who is experiencing an even more persistent “Ahem!” from their creative souls than ever before. Continue reading “And Now For A Message From the Creative Force”


Courage… Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

I love moments like this that make you think iconic thoughts. Several crossed my mind – but maybe because of where I am in my own journey, I settled upon “Courage”.


I think one of the marks of courage is knowing the odds… but sailing on (to use the immediate metaphor) anyway. Radiantly. With panache. That “panache” bit is key. Hehhe. At various points in my life, people have commented  that I was courageous. I used to think I wasn’t  – because I was mostly so scared at the time, but I did persevere and always won whatever I was after in the end, even if I grunted along the way. Continue reading “Courage”