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Summer, Clouds & New Collections!

But First, A Question… Where DID the term “banner year” come from, anyway? We all know what it means, the dictionary defines it as if it has always been… but anybody know where it actually came from? I was just wondering. But I digress (and I haven’t even started!) It’s been one (a banner year,…

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Sunset at Bendemeer

Bendemeer Estates A year ago, I went to New Zealand to help teach a fabulous workshop given by Trey Ratcliff. It was his first New Zealand workshop – and my first visit to Hobbitland. I pretty much walked around the whole time with my mouth hanging open at the postcard views EVERYWHERE! We visited lots…

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The Starlight Express: A Year to The Day

The Starlight Express As it prepared for its final leap toward home, a few loose star patterns spilled to the ground. Come spring, the townspeople would marvel at the new growth there; so lush, so vibrant in just this one spot. The train began to rev; in a few short moments it would vanish, as…

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