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Fuji, France and BABY GEESE!

Holy cow, time is flying! I feel like it’s been ages since we met up and the days just keep getting shorter, even as the clock says they’re longer (at least on this side of the world)! How is that even possible?? Getting Ready for France, ‘n Stuff Over here, I’ve been working behind the…

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Of Geese and Goslings

Me Loves Our Geese You have no idea how much I love the geese who live on our pond. It’s crazy! Every year the same core group come back in the spring, no matter the weather, nor how freezing it is… no matter what. Every year, I eagerly wait to see if any┬ábabies arrive. They…

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Thunderstorm Days = Awesome Sunsets!

Since I love shooting sunsets, I especially watch for thunderstorms. Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains where I live, they are most prevalent in July/August – and are pretty much “drop everything” events if you’re a photographer! My electronics and computer equipment doesn’t love them – but my camera sure does! Here’s one from a…

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