Photography Is In My Blood

I ended last year and started this one thinking about how much photography is embedded in who I am. It doesn’t define me, but it’s definitely woven deeply in my soul. It’s how I see and relate to everything; from the most poignant & breathtaking moments, to awe-inspiring, mind-expanding flashes. Photos are like flash cards to the past that have recorded life-changing milli-seconds that I want to last forever. Continue reading “Photography Is In My Blood”

The Making of The Grand Dame

We visited Paris a few years ago. It was December, right before Christmas. A seriously dreamy-dream come true! I went for a voiceover job and my darling hubs got to come too, which made it even more dreamy. We stayed a couple of extra days for our own sightseeing… then stayed another couple of days dealing with the airline when our flight was cancelled due to an inch (yes, an inch!) of snow. Another story for another day!

This day’s story is all about the Grand Dame here…. the Notre Dame. I’ve posted this photo on Google+ before… but I never talked about the processing. That’s because I love how it turned out. Why is that a problem? Well, because I replaced the sky.


Continue reading “The Making of The Grand Dame”