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Envision The Results

Intend. Envision. Enjoy. Cool. Moist. Relief.On my social streams a couple of days ago, I asked for help in thinking “cool, moist thoughts”?. Guess what’s happening now?Rain.Why was this so important? Because of the King Fire, a wildfire that’s been burning out of control since Sept. 11. It’s been moving ever closer to us… while…

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Black & White = Home

From Whence I Came I’m starting to do more black and white work lately. There are many reasons why… I’ll be announcing one of them at the end of the month! But what I CAN tell you is that I’m loving it! I started in black and white photography back in the 70’s and it…

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The Hurricane Ridge "A-ha!"

Happy Accidents It happened on Hurricane Ridge. A completely unexpected outcome that resulted in ONE of my new directions, photographically speaking. I do love happy accidents. Y’know… those little events that you didn’t intend to have happen, but when they do, they open your eyes to something new. Such was the case with these two…

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