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Swimming for Sunset in Hawaii

I’m in Hawaii for a few days. My hubs had to come over for work, so who was I to let him go alone? 😀 My only problem with going somewhere for only a few days is the anxiety of trying to fit too much into too little time! But I’m doing my best to…

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Point Lobos After All These Years

I’ve wanted to visit Point Lobos, California ever since I was in my 20’s, studying photography and falling in love with Edward Weston and, to some extent, Ansel Adam’s black and white masterpieces of this area from the 1930’s. Their moody, monochromatic images from this oasis have teased my mind for many, many years. I…

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Virtual Photo Walks: Steamers Lane

Steamers Lane in Santa Cruz, California is famous for it’s world class surfing. There’s even a museum there! So I decided to bring Virtual Photo Walks to the action by the sea to see what we could see. Hehhehheh. I was joined by friends Barry Blanchard, Natalia Stone and Roma Gee, who were all there…

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