Postcards From Rome

I bet you wondered if I’d EVER spill what the heck has been going on behind-the-scenes over here!

New Horizons

I’m getting ready to embark upon a project that I believe in with all my heart and soul. It’s taken a ton of preparation (in some ways, my whole life!).  At its core, it’s a story. A soul’s journey. And it’s all about finding our voice and embracing life itself as if it were our art. I believe this is what we were all meant to do. I believe it’s our birthright to do so. But it’s not alway so easy to pull off on Planet Earth, is it? Believe me, I know. Continue reading “Postcards From Rome”

The Arcanum: Dave Garber

Giving Thanks for Being a Master in The Arcanum 

Today being Thanksgiving, it seemed appropriate to share this story.
First, those of you who follow this blog know that I’m one of the 6 original Inception Masters in the Arcanum.
Back when it all first started, I wrote a two-part blog post about what it all meant to me: The Arcanum, Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery.

I’m including these links on each of these highlight posts, since new folks are coming on board every week. Wouldn’t want to leave you guys out!
Click here for Part One
Click here for Part Two.

Now, 8 months later, I’m highlighting my Level 20 grads on my blog. I’m doing it because each of them has been on an incredible journey of spirit, soul and creativity. Their stories need to be shared. I’m doing it because they were the first bunch to take the leap when the Arcanum was still a baby in beta. I think each one’s story is incredibly inspiring, each in their own unique way. And I want you to meet them, because through them, you might just find that much-needed bit of inspiration or encouragement you were seeking, at just this moment in time. As they say, it takes a village!

Meet Dave Garber

So today, I’d like to introduce you to Dave Garber.
We got to meet in real life for the first time this week at the San Diego Zoo. So awesome! This was a photo we took right before the video we made for our cohort back home. It follows…

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