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Canon to Sony – Here Goes!

Canon to Sony- It Begins I’ve been a Canon shooter for the past several years. But in November 2013, I went to Nashville along with a bunch of other bloggers, photographers and journalists to try the brand new, unreleased (at that time) Sony A7r, A7 and RX10. In fact, I wrote a blog piece for…

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Setting Sail from New York

It’s Time to Go I voyage home today. And I will be back. New York has been amazing. No, make that beyond amazing. Friends… family… new Chat episodes… food… scenes from all over the city… photography… sigh. I covered SO much territory on foot that I’m in better shape now than when I arrived 2…

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Courage… Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand I love moments like this that make you think iconic thoughts. Several crossed my mind – but maybe because of where I am in my own journey, I settled upon “Courage”. I think one of the marks of courage is knowing the odds… but sailing on (to use the immediate…

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