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The Arcanum: Sandra Carlock

On Being a Master in The Arcanum Back when it all first started, I wrote a two-part blog post about what it meant to me to be a Master in The Arcanum, Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery. Click here for Part One Click here for Part Two. Now, some months later, amazing things have happened……

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Developments in the KHutt World!

This Summer Won’t Be Lazy! I thought this summer might be relaxing, once I got past installing my photography show here in Truckee. That’s this week! More soon… Then new stuff sprouted. You know the seeds you plant in the fertile earth, that with sufficient light, water and loving care eventually poke their heads above…

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The Chat with Karen Hutton: First Peek!

Welcome to Promo Tuesday! First sneak peek into what-the-heck is going on over here. Oh don’t worry, I’m not spilling ALL the beans just yet. 😉 But I wanted you to have SOME clue before I tell you more about how all this came to be. Oh- and one more tidbit: The Chat will be…

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