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My Big, Fat Tonality Pro Webinar

Webinars-R-Us Throw on your backpack and come with me to school! Kidding. Kinda. OK, not entirely… because I really did to a webinar recently! It was for Macphun Software and their black and white plugin Tonality Pro, which I adore. I was asked to take viewers through a few images, KHutt style. I love it…

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Being Interviewed by the Delightful Paul Griffiths

Being interviewed is fun – and always a bit surreal. Especially when an entire 1 hour show is dedicated to YOU! But photographer Paul Griffiths makes it easy. Recently, he asked if I’d join him on his video podcast (is that a “vlodcast”?) titled “Live and Uncut“, which he publishes on his blog: “One Camera,…

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Anatomy of a Photography Show, Part 2 – Vulnerability

2nd installment in a 4-part series of ¬†“Living Your Dreams… Lessons Shared”, ¬†featuring much of what I learned and experienced whilst putting on my first photography show in Truckee, California… Sharing – and Vulnerability As artists – and as entrepreneurs – we have to put our work out there. HAVE to. There are many, many…

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What Do You Desire Most?

Don’t Judge the Book By It’s Maker OK, I know this video was created by/for an insurance company. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s seriously awesome and makes me bawl. Every. Damn. Time.

Get Creative with Analog Efex Pro 2!

I Love Re-Imagining… You know what I love? Ok, I’ll tell ya. It’s that feeling I get when I manage to re-imagine my own view of the world in my art. Of course, that’s always easier said that done! Take photo processing for instance. Personally, I have a set of colors, tones, textures and overall…

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The Chat with Karen Hutton: Scott Kelby

The One and Only Scott Kelby Scott Kelby is an icon in the Photography world. And rightfully so! His list of accomplishments is a mile long and growing, his influence is global, his vision has helped evolve an industry. That would be reason enough to want to do a Chat with him… but he’s also…

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My New Hero

Alice Herz-Sommer Alice Herz-Sommer was the oldest living survivor of the Holocaust. She died this year at 110 years old. That’s notable all by itself, but is not why I felt moved to make a post about her. It’s her relationship with music, which moved me to tears when I watched this video. Not tears…

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