The Color of a Mood

I Love Color!

It’s no secret that I love color! I know a lot of people feel the same way I do.
As I was processing today’s photo, I was thinking about how color is such an intricate part of our lives that we even use them to describe feelings. What’s more, everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about even if they’re color blind!

Color As Emotion

The speaking of a color is so powerful, in fact, that you only need  few words to be crystal clear:

I was in a blue mood… (sadness, melancholy)
Alt: I feel blue… (sad, off, melancholy)
He was so mad he saw red… (extreme anger)
Everything’s golden… (everything’s terrific)
She was green with envy… (extreme envy, jealousness)
She looked at everything through rose-colored glasses. (she only saw the good in things.)

So when you process a photo and use color grading, cross-processing or color in some way to set the mood you want viewers to feel when they look at your photo – you’re tapping into a powerful, primal mechanism!

Set Your Viewers’ – Or Just Your Own Mood with Color

You can also use color to satisfy your own mood, or the vision you have for a piece.
I did a fairly extreme “processing two ways” combo the other day, which I thought was an interesting way to show you what I mean. Truly, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s where I ended up on the first round of processing:

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Depth of Mustard Fields

Mustards in Spring

I’ve been wanting to photograph the mustard fields in Napa, California for a couple of years. Typically, you have to be there in January or February (at the latest) to accomplish this. Well, I finally made it there in early March – and despite it being completely cloudy, I came away with a few choice images to fulfill the dream.

I was glad for the clouds – and the rain that came with them – because we’ve been having a serious drought here in California. The LEAST of all major concerns was whether the mustard seeds would be snuffed altogether out by extreme dry conditions.  As it happened, the rains were late – so the mustard was too… but life has its own force and mind. So here we are, standing in fields of gold! I’m prone to celebrating the little things – and I’m celebrating that blessedly, fantastical fact…

Depth of Mustard FieldNapa, CaliforniaIn a veritable a riot of yellow, the mustards welcomed spring.
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Painted Skies of the Divine

New Episode of “The Chat” on Monday!

A brand new episode of “The Chat with Karen Hutton” goes live tomorrow!! And here’s your third and final clue to my stunning guest’s identity:

Hint #3: When she began, her materials were found, but now she plays with her food.  PLUS… her name is a color. Wink.


Epiphanies & Sunsets

Maya Angelou once described an epiphany as “… the occurrence when the mind, the body and the soul focus together and see an old thing in a new way.” That struck me when I read it, because that’s also a pretty good description of how sunsets make me feel. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

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Sometimes Seeing Double is Awesome

First things first!

Hint #2 about my FABULOUS ALL NEW GUEST on The Chat this coming Monday: 

SHE is an artist. An amazing, amazing artist!!
OK, you just got two hints. Who loves ya, baby!

So there I was in Napa, California.
Went there to get out of the smoke from the huge Rim Fire that was blowing into the Tahoe area… and because my husband Joe had a gig there. (He’s a badass bass player.) While he was off playing – I grabbed my camera and headed out to the Silverado Trail to check out the lay of land.


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The Textures of a Story

I’ve been on a bit of a roll lately, on the art-meets-inner-life department. It kind of all started with textures, which I’ve been playing with over the past several months. I love the look of old paintings… the textures, the life, the stories contained within each crack and mysterious tactile anomaly. To me, there’s something comforting about them. It makes me want to touch them. It makes me want to own one, so I can look at it every day and ask questions, see new things, make up stories about it. And touch it without getting the stink eye from the guard.

Of course, I’ve noticed that the pieces I’m most interested in are just a wee bit spendy. So I started playing with my own, to satisfy the craving. I did this one recently:

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