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My Most Personal Blog Post. Eh-ver.

I debated about posting this. Had a little tussle with myself over it, in fact. See, it’s personal. Very “behind the kimono”, to quote my friend Trey Ratcliff. But then I realized that if you’re here, chances are great that you’re a way-seeker too. Maybe you’re multi-talented or multi-passionate (if so, you’re a “polymath!”). You…

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Hearing Voices in Kelowna

I’d never heard of Kelowna, B.C. until recently. Have you? Now that I’ve actually BEEN there – I can’t wait to go back! (BTW, I also discovered the Best. Coffee. Ever!! Giobean… if you ever make it Kelowna, GO THERE!!) Kelowna sits on Lake Okanangan. It’s wine country! It’s also lake country, as you can see…

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