Fuji, France and BABY GEESE!

Holy cow, time is flying! I feel like it’s been ages since we met up and the days just keep getting shorter, even as the clock says they’re longer (at least on this side of the world)! How is that even possible??

Getting Ready for France, ‘n Stuff

Over here, I’ve been working behind the scenes getting projects, business stuff, life stuff and travel stuff all fluffed up in preparation to be gone for 3 weeks in France!! That’s a long trip for me… and I couldn’t be more excited! So much more to come, but today I thought I’d share where I’m at with Lady Fuji.

Since I’m going mirrorless with a Fuji XT1 on le upcoming trip, I’m doing my best to get comfortable with my new camera system. Y’know, learn from the ground up… find its strengths and weaknesses… find MY strengths and weakness.. and generally be as quick-draw ready as I can be. There’s alot to learn! You really can’t apply full-frame rules across the board with these mirrorless cameras.

NOTE: In case you’re curious, this is the most recent in a series of posts I’ve been making about my personal search for the most suitable mirrorless camera solution for my particular needs. Here’s how it went down:

Canon to Sony – Here Goes!
The Sony Marriage Is Off
The Sony Mirrorless Chapter; For Now!
Fuji: First Impressions
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A Weekend Chock-full of Animals

Visiting San Diego

San Diego was calling. I answered.
Mostly, I answered my awesome friend Laurie Rubin. She a wildlife and nature photographer, fabulous teacher and recently moved back to San Diego, where she’s a regular at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. She’s been beckoning. How could I resist?

So the hubs and I jumped on a plane this weekend and visited all of Laurie’s incredible animal friends. It was a rich time to visit: they’ve got more babies this year than they’ve had in a looooooong time. That’s one of the cool things about both of these places; the animals have families, live long lives and what an amazing place they have to do it in! The Safari Park is where many of the animals are conceived and raised… and it’s all done in a very large area, where even sensitive animals, never successful bred in captivity before, have large families. A few have been saved from extinction here: one species, the white rhino, has 2 of its last remaining 7 members of its species living out their final days here.

Truly Amazing Animals

Little Joanne is 8 months old. She lives with her mama, papa, brother and grandparents and here, had a little downtime on mom’s back. Just before then, she had entire crowds of people cooing, oohing and ahhhing with a blink of her baby brown eyes… and even as the pair disappeared for some privacy, folks sighed.


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Of Geese and Goslings

Me Loves Our Geese

You have no idea how much I love the geese who live on our pond. It’s crazy! Every year the same core group come back in the spring, no matter the weather, nor how freezing it is… no matter what.

Every year, I eagerly wait to see if any babies arrive. They don’t always – it must be part of nature’s checks and balances. Three years ago, a pair had 4 adorable little ones… I was in love! Then, I went away for a few days in May – we had a cold snap, a snowstorm, sub-freezing temps. (It’s been known to snow on 4th of July on rare occasions around here!). I came back and… no more babies. I was crushed. Morose for weeks. Even the geese seemed depressed for quite awhile after that.

The next year – nothing. Sigh.
Last year – one precious baby. We named him/her Junior (how creative!) – and I documented his/her growth into adulthood.  He/she grew up with a entire flock of aunties and uncles watching out for him/her and eventually the whole gang flew away for the winter.

This year they’re back and… its Gosling-palooza out on the pond!! A veritable nursery out there. A dozen new babies… one family of 5, one of 6 – and a pair with just a single gosling to call their own.
OMG, they make me nuts… this is just one example why:

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Making Your Tech Support The Story

Opportunity in “Meh”: Change Your Eye-Set

It wasn’t an incredible day at the beach, photography-wise. No epic skies prepping for an eye-popping sunset, no late-day golden filtered light turning everything in sight to spun gold. No, it was just a nice fresh day at the beach. And I was in the mood to photograph.

So I had to change my eye-set. Like a mindset shift for my eyeballs. I started thinking depth of field, movement, cool rocks, green seaweedy/algae stuff growing on said cool rocks… and the locals. I always call the sea gulls and whatever critters live, work and play in an area “the locals”.

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