The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice: Part 6, Art&Business

Everyday Genius Part 6: Art&Business

In Part 6 of The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice… Lauri Novak and I wrap up the  conversation we started in Episode 5: “Art&Business “. In this one, she offers 7 tips SHE has used to successfully cross the line from hobbyist photographer to photo pro.
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My Most Personal Blog Post. Eh-ver.

I debated about posting this. Had a little tussle with myself over it, in fact.
See, it’s personal. Very “behind the kimono”, to quote my friend Trey Ratcliff.

But then I realized that if you’re here, chances are great that you’re a way-seeker too. Maybe you’re multi-talented or multi-passionate (if so, you’re a “polymath!”). You seek inspiration, the “a-ha” moment, the brighter light and meaning of life and ways of weaving it together into something awesome.

This is a rant of sorts…although rants are usually negative. This anything but! It’s something I shared with a Mastermind group I work with. Then decided that it effects everything that happens next in my world – and you’re a part of it. Think of this as the Preface to a book that is being written in the stars NOW!

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Sometimes It Takes a Talking Shrimp

Straight From The Talking Shrimp

Sometimes I like to share things here that certainly include photography – because I always post a photo (or video) – but aren’t only about photography.

‘Cause I believe that life should include the thing we love to do – but shouldn’t ONLY be about them. I’m a huge believer in cross-training. Besides, life is large and we should live it that way.

You need to meet (through her blog) Laura Belgray. She’s a copywriter. She’s fantastic. Her website is called “The Talking Shrimp.” I worked with her on the copy for my new website. You’ll see why.

But more than that, you need to read today’s post, which she called “This Sh*t’s Hard*.

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