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River of Rainbows

One evening, I was lucky enough to be driving through the mountains on my way home when the photo I posted here happened. But that’s not what caused me to careen off the freeway onto the nearest off-ramp just a bit earlier, ¬†eyes glued to the sky and scamper off into the rocks with thongs…

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Composition: Yuba River Bridge

I’m enjoying creating these short videos about photo composition and such. Since folks seem to like them, I’ll just keep going! For this one, the hubs Joe Dolister and I spent a weekend wandering about our local area, which is in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. There are so many little scenes like the…

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Behind-The-Scenes at Big Bend with Karen Hutton

I photograph in my area quite often. Even though I might hit the same spots more than once, it’s always a fun challenge to find new ways of seeing them. This day, I decided to bring y’all along with me and share one of my favorite stops. It’s not the easiest kind of shot, with…

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