Karen's Interview with Andrew Marston

The Double Life of Karen Hutton – Photographer and Voiceover Professional The 411 Name: Karen Hutton Occupation: Voiceover Professional and Photographer Location: California Key links: Karen Hutton – Female Voice Talent Karen Hutton Photography Facebook – Karen Hutton Google + 500px YouTube Twitter Flickr Pinterest Interview Andrew: I know you’re a busy woman, thank you for taking time…

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Her New Coiffe

Click here to download MP3 Her friends thought her new doo was a tad overdone for everyday, although it definitely DID make a statement. She assumed their stares were that of envy and admiration, so she struck the pose and imagined it immortalized in People magazine. Oh, Snip-Snap!

Karen Hutton Interview: Fuel Your Photography's Indie Spotlight

Indie Spotlight: Karen Hutton This week we visit the west coast of the United States where photographer Karen Hutton resides in peaceful Lake Tahoe, California. Karen has no specific photography style, but she challenges herself by using only natural light. She tries to capture views that spark interest and curiosity, that inspire. She wants to…

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