LIL Galleries Presents: Alan Shapiro: "My Heart"

LIL Galleries Presents: Alan Shapiro. Consuming love. Primal hunger and desire. Passion abounding. Your heart will take flight! Alan’s birds are stunning, funny, striking, complex. Those of you who haven’t met them yet, oh lucky you; you are in for such a treat! For more about my sweet LIL Galleries project: LIL Galleries.

Karen’s Interview with Mathew Hanley

An interview with Karen Hutton… we talk about where it all began, the influences, Google+ and the edge of the mirrorless revolution. Let’s start by having you tell us about you.  I’m Karen Hutton. I currently live in the Lake Tahoe area. I’m a photographer and a voice over professional. (I’m the voice of Stuck on…

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Karen Hutton Guests on Trey's Variety Hour #57

From Photo Fun to Facebook Woes… this is a fun one! I join Trey and Company for conversation about: – Some complaints and thoughts about Facebook and promoted posts (Alex did an experiment where he paid $40) – We all share new photos (Alex from a Russian dungeon costume party, Thomas from Decompression, Karen from…

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Virtual Photo Walks: Santa Cruz Wharf

Today, we visited the Santa Cruz Wharf in California and checked out sea lions, pelicans and a vintage Thunderbird show! It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we enjoyed it California dreamin’ style by the water. I loved meeting Dave, the Thunderbird owner who joined us and let me sit the driver’s seat…

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