Karen Hutton & Gino Barasa Guest Host Trey’s Variety Hour #50

Gino Barasa and I team up again to guest host Trey’s Variety Hour! With Trey out traveling, we hold down the fort  and are joined by Alan Shapiro, Ron Clifford, Michael Bonocore, Vivienne Gucwa, and Chris Chabot. We talk about “Photography, Relationships and Innovation at the Speed of Light!” The panel discusses how ideas and innovations…

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Karen Hutton & Gino Barasa Guest Host Trey's Variety Hour #49

Gino Barasa and I keep the home fires warm once more while Trey is out trekking. Actually, he was in the midst of moving to New Zealand! We welcome Jaime Ibarra, Tanya Rochat, Brian Matiash, Kerry Murphy and Kelli Seeger Kim to talk about “Art, Inspiration & Point of View”.

Karen & Gino Barasa Guest Host Trey's Variety Hour #48

My pal Gino Barasa I guest host for Trey while he was traveling about and are joined by Thomas Hawk, Scott Jarvie, Todd Sisson, and Brad Sloan. We talk about  suspicious people without Facebook accounts, one year of Google+ (what went right, what went wrong, what everyone would like to see in the future), and…

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Virtual Photo Walks: Hovenweep National Monument

We did a Virtual Photo Walks at Hovenweep National Monument in Utah… and it was truly nothing short of a miracle! Why? Well, simply that during our entire trip through Utah – every spot I wanted to do a VPW from had little to absolutely NO cell reception! And then… out in the middle of…

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