Karen Hutton Interview: Fuel Your Photography's Indie Spotlight

Indie Spotlight: Karen Hutton This week we visit the west coast of the United States where photographer Karen Hutton resides in peaceful Lake Tahoe, California. Karen has no specific photography style, but she challenges herself by using only natural light. She tries to capture views that spark interest and curiosity, that inspire. She wants to…

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Two Centuries

Click here to download MP3 Old and new… Then and now… Dark and light… You and me. Without contrast, my darling – all is bland beyond bearing.

The Grace of Gracie

Click here to download MP3 The true grace of Gracie wasn’t merely her mighty leaps into the air at phantom faeries, nor her long, balletic slides at ends of hallways. No, the true grace of Gracie was simply that Gracie was.

Talking About Stuck on Earth

I helped create and recorded the voice of the Guide for Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck on Earth. It’s one of the projects I’m most proud of! Here, I talk a bit about the app and what it was like to create this character. Check out Trey’s post about it on Google+:¬† And here’s the video itself:

The Thing About Sax

Click here to download MP3 “Excuse me for horning in, but I…” he started to say. “You big blow hard!!” she interrupted. Ooo, she was mad. “Okayyy, but I just wanted to note that…” “Can’t you REED??” she blurted, pointing furiously at the page on the stand. He tried using his most calming voice, hoping…

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Take My Hand

Click here to download MP3 He stood transfixed. Staring. He had thought she was a mannequin. She was so… still. Waxy. Not living. Not breathing. No warmth. In one gesture, his world turned over. Along with his stomach. “Take my hand” she whispered. Like dust. Like static. The sound of her voice made his ears…

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The Moment After She Left

Click here to download MP3 On the platform she waited for the train that was coming. Her demeanor was calm. Inside was a whirlwind. Would it work, this plan she dreamed of last night? Would they come? Could they hear? Would it fly? The unknown was always a gamble. She took a deep breath as…

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