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I love creating “next level” photographic experiences that are both fun and expansive. But be warned: they aren’t your father’s photo workshops!

Each is an incredible opportunity to make signature images that sing out in your one, true voice. And they happen in amaaaaazing places. See what’s coming up.

How the heck did THAT happen?

It all began in Provence one spring at Julia Child’s summer home.

My then-business coach Makenna Held bought the property, aka La Pitchoune (Oh yes she di-id!) and said; “You should do a photography retreat here.” I looked at her quizzically and thought “What the heck is a photography retreat?” I heard myself say “AWESOME idea! I’m in! Can you help me?” And so she did. As it turned out, we created an entirely new genre of photography education.

How it all unfurled like an amazing technicolor dreamcoat…

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