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How Do YOU Doo?

5 Day Deal Was a Success!! Well, THAT was a fun event! The 5 Day Deal was very, very successful! Over $160k raised for charity (I should know exactly how much in the next couple of days), thousands of happy customers… and even the servers will be happy, now that it’s over. Heh. I hear…

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5 Day Photography Bundle Deal… It’s ON!!

I don’t often do retail stuff over here… but as I’ve mentioned, I’m part of a REALLY COOL photography bundle that is a benefit to you… me… and some really great charities, all in one moment. Gotta love that! Snag $1200 of photography ebooks, presets, actions and videos for just $89!   “Whuuuut??” I hear…

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Awesome Photographers Bundle!

Something Cool for the New Year! I’m kicking off the New Year with something new. Something cool. And something I haven’t ever done before! Some of you may know that I published an eBook in 2013. I kept it simple: photos and stories. My fave. But now, I’m teaming up with an amazing group of…

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