Vic Gundotra & Google+: My Story

Get Ready For My Windiest Post Ever!

Amanda Blain started it. I blame her. She wrote this blog post, as well as posting on Google+. She made her point… then said “tell us your story.” Well, I’ve got a good one!

This all started because Google Senior Vice President of Social Vic Gundotra announced his departure from Google last week. This is huge. Vic and his team created Google+ – a platform that has forever changed my life.  If you’re wondering who Vic Gundotra is, I’m re-posting this episode of The Chat I did with him awhile back. It’s my first re-run (!), but in honor of him and the lives he’s transformed through his work, I felt it was only fitting.

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The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 2

It’s here! It’s here! A week goes by SO fast! And now, seemingly in the blink of an eye; Part 2 of my Chat with Daria Musk.
We pick up talking about choices… and the enormous power of our thoughts in creating our reality.

She also sings! Two songs, actually. The first one is by my request. It’s one she sang a little bit of one night during a hangout when we were discussing this show… and I asked to her share it with you. It’s just beautiful and so elegantly, eloquently Daria.

PSST! Daria Musk, Part 2 is Coming!

 The Chat: Part 2 with Daria Musk on Monday!

Part 2 of my Chat with Daria Musk is coming this Monday! Watch it here on the blog and on my streams on Google+ and Facebook. It’s so much FUN!! We finish our conversation from last week (if you didn’t catch that one… you can see it here!) Then she sings!

Did you know: Daria has a philosophy about “Laughing in the Face of the Lion”. She explains it here. It’s very cool. It was just one of the many insights she shared with us throughout both episodes.

That IS what this show is all about, after all.. insights. From folks who have been/are engaged in living their life as if it were their art… and being successful at it!
They laugh in the face of their lions (or tigers, as the case may be)… stay focused and follow their star.

Let’s all do that, ‘kay? Wheee!

Some People, Like Forests, Are Deep

Looking Back on The Chat, Episode 1

I loved my visit with Daria Musk on our debut episode of “The Chat with Karen Hutton” ! And I’m super excited to share Part 2 of our Chat on Monday… she sings, just for us!! I’ll definitely be posting reminders… you won’t want to miss it!

Daria’s got a ton of energy; she’s a powerhouse. She’s super smart – and she’s deep. Complex. Full of wonderful textures and interesting light. Kind of like this forest. More than a little magical.
She’s also the CEO of her burgeoning empire; she makes the calls, sets up the shows, handles the marketing and social outreach, decides on which projects/engagements/concerts to take, you name it. Beneath it all: she has complete clarity that she was given a gift and  is doing her best to live up to it. She follows her inner guidance and thinks about Light. She prays that standing in her own truth as she does That Thing she does could possibly heal the world in some small way.

I think about this too.

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The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 1

Well, the moment has arrived! Welcome to the premiere episode of The Chat! WooHOOO!
Everybody was EPIC with the guesses they made about WHO the first guest would BE. THANK YOU!! And now…

For this auspicious debut, I chose a 2-part episode with a super star on the rise… who has a big vision about life, giving and the power of a dream.

Singer/songwriter/musician Daria Musk became a friend and inspiration in the course of the first two years on social netowrk Google+. We hit it off immediately and discovered that we share a similar outlook on life, philosophy and approach to our art. She’s a thinker, that one. And she’s so marvelous at putting it all into words – and music – that I wanted hers to kickoff the entire series. If you haven’t met Daria; you’re in for a treat! If you already know/follow/admire Daria: you’re in for a treat!
Two-fers are G+nius!

Click here to see Part 2. We wrap our chat – and move on to some singin’!