Live, Uncut & Photo Hosting

Live And Uncut

There’s a wonderful street photographer and super awesome fella named Paul Griffiths who does a webshow call “Live and Uncut”. In it, he talks about street photography, cameras (he’s a Fuji guy) and, y’know, all things photography. He interviewed me before I went to France, since I was going through my whole DSLR to mirrorless drama and testing period… and had just landed upon Fuji. You can see that first episode here.

When I got back, Paul wanted to follow up. See what shooting street was like for this landscape girl… see how Fuji had been for me… and generally welcome me back. I always love talking to Paul over in London and this was no exception! You can check out the blog post here… and below is our fun video interview.

Fun fact: He got that Fuji banner in the background of his studio JUST for this episode! Heehee.

Thanks Paul!!

And then…

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The Landscape of Life

Me Loves Options

Sometimes I don’t know if I love black and white or color better. Or… big, open space epic photographs or macro. Or… chocolate or really ripe raspberries.
Then I retrieve my senses and remember that I don’t have to choose! In this lifetime, on this planet – we get options and choices. I treasure that to my very core.

(SIDEBAR: I created this one in Macphun Software’s Tonality Pro. I love how fast it is – and how you can bring back color selectively like here, or split tone in the blink of an eye. Should I tell you that all of Macphun’s software is 40% off until Nov. 29? I think it’s fair… cause maybe you love a discount as much as I do and want the option to git one!)


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5 Day Photography Bundle Deal… It’s ON!!

I don’t often do retail stuff over here… but as I’ve mentioned, I’m part of a REALLY COOL photography bundle that is a benefit to you… me… and some really great charities, all in one moment. Gotta love that!

Snag $1200 of photography ebooks, presets, actions and videos for just $89!


“Whuuuut??” I hear you gasp. “Can it be true??”

Indeed it can! A group of us photographers have put together a super special offer. Between January 5 and 10, you can grab more than 15 ebooks, over 12 hours of video tutorials and hundreds of Adobe presets and actions for Lightroom and Photoshop… all for less than $100. Can you say BARGAIN? And a great start to the New Year!

Better still, we’re donating 10% of every sale – that’s $8.90 – to charity! That’s the part that kicks it over the moon for me.

How is it possible? Well, we all just thought it was an awesome idea: Donate one or more of our own products into the bundle in return for the chance to sell it at this amazing price AND contribute to the greater good in one fell swoop. There really is no catch other than the offer only running for five days between now and 10 January – beyond that you’re simply getting a bunch of great downloadable products at an incredibly low price. BAM.

So what do you get for your money? I’ve put the full list below, along with details on the charities we’re supporting. You can also just jump over to the website to find out more or place your order by clicking the link below! All the info is there too.

But remember this only available for 5 days: Jan. 5 noon EST – Jan. 10 noon EST.



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