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On Getting… and Giving Back. The Only Way to Roll.

Let’s stop the presses for sec. Down a chill pill. Take a breath. With so much giddy goodness going on around here lately… giveaways, contests, partnerships, free stuff… it can start feeling like a carnival ride. Don’t get me wrong. I loooves me a good carnival ride. I dragged my dad onto them every single…

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Free Stuff, Oh How I Love Thee!

This summer, I feel like the 4x Prize & Giveaway Queen. Hehheh. And because hosting, supporting, being part of awesome giveaways is a HECK of alot of fun, I decided I needed a superhero name. Maybe… Hope Summers? Light Lass? Longshot? Juggernaut? I usually make up my own superhero names, but found these on this…

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The Photography Giveaway Train! Are You In?

WOOHOO! Ok, so by now most of you know that we’ve got a caption contest going here… that was Giveaway #1. But honey biscuit, we are SO not done!! Hollywood may have Awards Season… but we have Giveaway Season! At least we do THIS year… #2: The Ginormous 5DayDeal $50k Giveaway Remember the 5DayDeal from the past couple…

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