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THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Laurie Rubin

In keeping with our “awesome photographer” roll of late, I was SUPER stoked to Chat with Laurie Rubin! She’s a Googler, award-winning wildlife and nature photographer and I’m delighted that she’s also my friend. When it comes to animals and photography – you have never seen someone drop into “the zone” faster than Laurie when…

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THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Nicole S. Young

Episode #4: Nicole S. Young I have long admired Nicole S. Young. Not only is she a fabulous photographer… she lives her life as an artist AND a successful entrepreneur, tirelessly creating content and growing her empire. I often hear photographers and other artists wondering how to make a living at their craft and passion……

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Karen Hutton Guests on Trey's Variety Hour #57

From Photo Fun to Facebook Woes… this is a fun one! I join Trey and Company for conversation about: – Some complaints and thoughts about Facebook and promoted posts (Alex did an experiment where he paid $40) – We all share new photos (Alex from a Russian dungeon costume party, Thomas from Decompression, Karen from…

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