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The Veil Between Worlds

I knew this image would turn out impressionistically when I shot it. Mostly because when I saw it, it reminded me of a photographer whose work I just love: Philippe Sainte-Laudy. I’ll admit I thought I might do some motion blur. But the quality of light that came out as I pleased my muse was…

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Classical Roots & Impressionistic Leanings

Dream States and Green Smoothies Creating content for my new website (due in Oct/Nov) has put me in a semi-dream state. I’m not dreamy all of the time, mine you – only some of it. It’s unpredictable. Like just now, for instance. I was daydreaming about a piece I’m working on… as I poured green…

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Study of a Girl… and the Muse

Blinders On, Blinders Off The blinders came off.. finally!! I’ve had this feeling over the past months. Something inside wanted to be outside. (it was a good thing, this isn’t a weird sic-fi psycho drama unfolding here or anything!) I thought it was my inner muse… but even she seemed curious too. We both waited.…

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