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Macphun’s Intensify & Tonality Pro: Review

Find the latest prices and links: Macphun makes other terrific products: but I’m only going to include these 3, since I’m most familiar with them. No sense in making up stuff just to hear myself talk! 1. Macphun’s Creative Kit (Best deal, most inclusive) 2. Macphun’s Intensify Pro (Best & least expensive product for detail,…

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Photo Processing, Macphun and Imagination

Photo Processing Questions I get asked a lot about my photo processing. About whether I have tutorials on how I do it. About whether I offer presets for any of it. I thought I’d aim today’s chat towards a bit of that. And BTW… I like saying “chat” or “conversation” more than “post”. Truly, I…

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Get the MacPhun Super Special While it Lasts!!

I Love To Pass Great Deals on to My Friends! And this is one of them!! PLUS… use the code KHUTT and get 10% off this fabulous price on the MacPhun Creative Suite! It includes their Creative Suite, a ViewBug Premium membership & their brand new Macphun app. (due for release this Summer!! The catch: MacPhun is limiting…

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