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The Next Fuji Chapter: And So It Begins

If You’ve Followed The Adventure… Y’all know that I’ve been on a mission of mirrorless. I’ve been… Trying out the Fuji XT1 after my friend Ken Kaminesky suggested I give it a twirl. (I always take the advice of really smart friends. :D) Loving it. Sharing the journey over here. Hanging on to my Canon…

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Happy New Year, Full of Grace

Quietness & Powerful Outcomes It’s been quiet around here. [insert suspenseful pause] A little too quiet. Hehheh. OK, it’s not been TOO quiet – but I’ve been taking a breath. A nice, big inhale of light-filled gratitude in thanks for the past 12 months – and of dreaming for the New Year. It’s as if…

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Seeking Miracles Everyday

Living┬áLife in the Miraculous I’ve mentioned before that I like to choose a theme for my years. It helps guide my vision and approach to things… and remind me how I want to FEEL and what I want to CREATE in my life. 2014’s theme is “Living Life in the Miraculous”. This image feels like…

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