Top 5 Tips for Attending a Photography Event or Workshop

My top 5 tips for attending a photography event or workshop is today’s topic. As always, both I’ve included both audio and the written version (pics too!), along with a section containing all the links I mention in this piece.
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Art From a Brain Cuisinart

Whew! I knew September would be a whirlwind, I just didn’t expect it feel like I’d been in a Cuisinart!

I don’t mean painful-Cuisinart, like sticking your hand into a blender for real (step awaaaay from that thought!).

I just mean it’s like that moment when new people, experiences, ideas and possibilities all come thundering in like a tsunami and get whipped together like some crazy awesome new smoothie recipe!

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You Want It HOW Big??

FLASHBACK: 2012. Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA.

One February day, I join Trey Ratcliff for a large photowalk. (NOTE: he did it again this year, it was just as awesome in the way it connected like minds and hearts. Check it out here.)

I do not have high hopes of capturing amazing amidst 200 other people trying to capture amazing… especially when everyone’s trying to capture the SAME amazing.

Still… I brought my tripod, I think to myself. I’m gonna use it, dammit!

So I do my best. Set up my sticks at that cool dusky time, when there’s still enough ambient light to see everything… where you don’t have to do TOO long of an exposure, nor use too high an ISO. Just a long enough exposure to smooth the water, but not so much that the lapping tide drags one leg of your tripod slowwwwllyyy into the sand, creating a blurry schmear of the whole scene. heh.

I pull one off with no people in it. I’m amazed. I post it on social, but not on my website. I think “It’s too usual. Too much like every other image of Santa Monica out there”.

Note to self: Purchase a jumbo can of “Doubt-B-Gone”, ASAP! Apply liberally.

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Vic Gundotra & Google+: My Story

Get Ready For My Windiest Post Ever!

Amanda Blain started it. I blame her. She wrote this blog post, as well as posting on Google+. She made her point… then said “tell us your story.” Well, I’ve got a good one!

This all started because Google Senior Vice President of Social Vic Gundotra announced his departure from Google last week. This is huge. Vic and his team created Google+ – a platform that has forever changed my life.  If you’re wondering who Vic Gundotra is, I’m re-posting this episode of The Chat I did with him awhile back. It’s my first re-run (!), but in honor of him and the lives he’s transformed through his work, I felt it was only fitting.

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