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Time for a Me-Set

Ever want to just have a break, take a step back, reboot your brain and have everything in your noggin just heave a big sigh and let go a little? Or a lot? Me too. That’s why I make photos like this, by the shores of Lake Tahoe in the morning. They’re like a “me…

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True Confessions & The True Beauty of Art

┬áMy Confession Looking at this photo as I was preparing this post, I had a realization. I can honestly confess that: Sometimes what I experience when looking at one of my finished photos is way more awesome than the one I had taking it. There. I said it. It’s true for this photo…

To Surf the Zuvuya

One Evening in Santa Cruz Santa Cruz is known for many things. Among them, surfing, beaches, sunsets, being a little (or a lot) “out there” – and Natural Bridges, which is where this image was taken. So on this particular evening, when they all converged in one spot for this one moment, I couldn’t help…

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Sunset Peeking: Lining up the elements

You wander around the beach at sunset, visions of brilliant cloud splendor dancing in your head. And yet… the heavens just aren’t cooperating as enthusiastically as you ‘d like. What to do, what to do? My ponderings exactly, on this particular evening with the hubs and photographer friends on 4 mile beach on Santa Cruz.