My View of the Street Where You Live

There’s a thing about me. More than one, truth be told… but I’m referring to one in particular that relates to how I look at just about everything, including my photography. And that is; I tend to see the way stuff “ought” to be. You know, possibilities. My point of view is that most things could always be better or more fun, more movie like, more beautiful, more “envisioned”. It’s a life thing, not just photography… I apply it liberally and globally; just ask my husband! heh.

Consequently, when I step into a historic wonderland like Siena, Italy – I don’t see no stinking ‘reality! I only see a frame from a highly stylized movie that was filmed there. It may well have been animated.

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Perspective and Point of View

Y’know, I’m always going on about how weaving your own personal point of view can give your photos that “stamp” of recognizable YOU. I think it’s all part of showing up authentically as Who You Are in your art… but more, showing up that way in life too.

I named this photo “Look Up in Wonder”, because that’s exactly what I couldn’t stop doing that warm, summer evening in Siena, Italy.


It shares the reality of my moment (gawking my eyeballs out!)… but I also liked the added perspective that my 14mm prime lens created. Continue reading “Perspective and Point of View”