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New York, Macphun & The Fish

Presets & Textures… Oh My! I love new experiences. Roll them in a nice coating of fun, learning curve rich goodness and I’m hooked! Such was my experience in creating new presets and textures for Macphun. I was delighted and honored when they asked me to do so. I went to town on them a…

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Tonality Pro and Options

Options in Life… and Post Processing A girl loves her options. I’m ridiculous about it. Ideas or plans without options are useless to me. Snoresville. Like spandex that only comes in black. No options? Whuuuuut?? I do not speak this strange language! To give you but a small (trust me, it’s small for me!) example of…

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Graffiti Art and The Transcontinental Railroad

There are abandoned train tunnels in Truckee. You used to be able to drive through them, but they got tired of towing folks outta there that didn’t belong there in the first place, so now you can only walk. Or ride a bike. But it’s really, really cool. If you’re by yourself, it’s kinda spooky……

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