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Having a Voice & Collaborating For Good

I’m passionate about many things. Among them, having a voice. Owning it. Using it for good and not evil. And using it to collaborating for good! It makes my heart sing when I have the opportunity to weave those things together. This year, both my spoken voice and my artistic one are getting to go…

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Where Air & Earth Meet

OK, I know you know where air and earth meet. But what I’m talking about is where aerial and terrestrial photography meet and have a common ground. Where they support each other. Serve one another. Yeah, I’m fancy that way.

VIDA: Art of Light // Inspiring Fashion

The Vida “Art of Light” Collection is Live! It’s here! It’s here! My pieces in the VIDA Spring Collection are now public, live and available today! [insert mega happy dance here] You may remember that I first told you about this back in January, when they first approached me. I wrote about it here  and even…

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VIDA: The Big Reveal!!

The Magic of Unfolding I love watching cool things unfold. Experiencing a journey – and sharing it too – is like a treasure hunt of the highest order. I’m betting you feel this way too, which is why I’m continuing to bring you along on my journey with VIDA. Welcome to the next chapter! Not final, mind you……

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Soaking in a Sunset – with VIDA

I met with VIDA yesterday. It was A-MAZ-ING!!! (I shared what I’m working on with them in this recent post.) I’ll have photos and video soon… cause OF COURSE I want to keep y’all in the loop. I got to see sample pieces with my images on them… they’re gorrrrrgeous! Plus I got to visit…

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Let’s Go!

Locks Off, Let’s Roll! OK, that’s literally the title of this photo: “Let’s go!”. Bicycle waiting, no locks, no limitations… just ready and waiting to get rolling! I can relate to this, oh yes I can! This is a rework of an older photo, taken a couple of years ago in Lucca, Italy. I admit…

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