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The Vida “Art of Light” Collection is Live!

It’s here! It’s here! My pieces in the VIDA Spring Collection are now public, live and available today! [insert mega happy dance here]

You may remember that I first told you about this back in January, when they first approached me. I wrote about it here  and even made this video of seeing my samples for the first time.)

Since then, I’ve gotten to know both Umaimah Mendhro and Connie Kim well – and have LOVED watching Umaimah’s  incredible eye for choosing images and abstracting them for print on beautiful tops and scarves. My friend Trey Ratcliff is also one of the artists in this collection; we had a fun VIDA lunch/confab when he was here last month. And now… we’re LIVE!!

PLUS, I get to offer 20% off all orders made before April 1, 2015! WooHOO!! (just click here or on the button below, use the code: “VIDAKAREN” at checkout and voila! 20% discount is applied to your entire order.) Please note: allow 4-6 weeks for your order: this round is all custom-made.

But wait, there’s more!
The collection was also named in my honor: “Art of Light”.

I know, “Whaaaaaat??” I AM truly, deeply honored. In fact, I bawled when the awesome Umaimah Mendhro told me this. I did NOT see this coming!

She sprung this little news flash on me while we were recording a short interview and caught me TOTALLY off guard. It all got captured in the video I’m sharing below.

See, I went to the VIDA Spring Collection photo shoot at Blue Sky Studio in San Francisco with the fantastically inspiring and delicious Damien Miller last week, because WHO doesn’t love watching a photo shoot? I know I do!

But more, I brought Virtual Photo Walks along with me, to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with me. THAT was freaking awesome – and absolutely completed the entire experience. So. Much. FUN!!

I really lack the words to explain any of this. Just that this has been one incredible ride… one that I never dreamt of in a million years. What an amazing way to share my work, benefit others and bring our global family together in one, single project. Mind blown!

This video I made pretty much captures all of it; my receiving the news about the collection’s name, the vibe and fun of the photo shoot with Damien, Virtual Photo Walks being right there with us… and now YOU!! Welcome to one heck of a unique experience!!

VIDA: The Big Reveal!!

The Magic of Unfolding

I love watching cool things unfold. Experiencing a journey – and sharing it too – is like a treasure hunt of the highest order. I’m betting you feel this way too, which is why I’m continuing to bring you along on my journey with VIDA. Welcome to the next chapter! Not final, mind you… but the one where we actually get to see what we’re talking about here. 😉

Creating wearable art, helping others, contributing to the greater good across the globe all in one fell swoop is ON in my world! I’ve wondered for the longest time how to pull that off in a way that felt like aligned with my art, heart and soul. THIS project feels like a big, fat “BINGO!” in that department… philosophically, spiritually AND business-wise. I’m so stoked to finally show you what they’re going to look like!

Umaimah Mendhro… & Me

Umaimah Mendhro is principal and owner of VIDA. (And, ummmm… can you say A-MAZ-ING??? Or maybe we should just let TEDx Ajman, Dreamfly, TEDx Seatlle or just Dream:st do that talking?). She and I hit it off right from the get-go. And on this trip to San Francisco (where VIDA is based), we met in person for the first time. PLUS, in this video, I’m sharing my first glimpse of the samples she’s had created with my work!

It’s no secret that I love a good Big Reveal. As those go… this one was GREAT!

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Soaking in a Sunset – with VIDA

I met with VIDA yesterday. It was A-MAZ-ING!!! (I shared what I’m working on with them in this recent post.)

I’ll have photos and video soon… cause OF COURSE I want to keep y’all in the loop. I got to see sample pieces with my images on them… they’re gorrrrrgeous! Plus I got to visit with Umaimah Mendhro, who is like a sister-of-the-heart in her approach to art and life. I really believe in what she’s doing and the good that can be done in the world.  I walked away excited, humbled, inspired and completely stoked for all that’s coming next!

“VIDA” is such a wonderful name for a vibrant company that makes beautiful things and has a global consciousness.  In Spanish, vida means “life”; in Persian, it means “a rare find”; in Hebrew, it means “beloved”; and in Sanskrit, it means “wisdom.” All of these – and more – are at play and about to unfold in touchable, wearable, purchasable form in the KHutt world. It’s a new beginning… and a continuation of a life journey!

I though a moment by the water with a beautiful sunset might be a way to soak it all in…


Let’s Go!

Locks Off, Let’s Roll!

OK, that’s literally the title of this photo: “Let’s go!”. Bicycle waiting, no locks, no limitations… just ready and waiting to get rolling!

I can relate to this, oh yes I can!

This is a rework of an older photo, taken a couple of years ago in Lucca, Italy. I admit it; I got just a WEE bit obsessed with these Italian-bikes-leaning-on-walls. Looked for them at every turn. Made my poor hubs stop while I snapped each and every one!

It’s possible that you’ll see this on a garment soon. Possible, I say. It was one of the images short-listed over at VIDA, where I’m one of the new designers for Spring. I have a meeting coming up. There COULD be samples involved. Ssshhh! our secret. ;))

Saying that I’m excited is a vast understatement.

But saying that I’m locks-off ready to roll SO is not!
How about you?

Who’s got cool stuff going on? Tell us! Tell us!!