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Virtual Photo Walks™: Roaring Camp Railroad

This weekend I did a Virtual Photo Walks™ at Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton, California. We had an absolute blast! It was really a photowalk within a photowalk, since it happened during the Central California bi-annual Photowalk that I was a part of as well. With me so far? Good, cause I’m still trying to…

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How This Photo Ended Up on NBC Nightly News

This photo was the parting shot of a story that NBC did on Virtual Photo Walks (VPW) that I shared about here: Ann Curry’s story about VPW on NBC Nightly News. I’ve been asked how this all came about.

NBC Nightly News & Virtual Photo Walks

How great is it when thing you love to do most allows you do something for others? Oh, it’s really, really great! I’ve done several Virtual Photo Walks (VPW) now. Every time, I meet the coolest people. In fact, NBC Nightly News’ Ann Curry just did a story on VPW, embedded below: Visit for breaking news,…

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Virtual Photo Walks: Santa Cruz Wharf

Today, we visited the Santa Cruz Wharf in California and checked out sea lions, pelicans and a vintage Thunderbird show! It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we enjoyed it California dreamin’ style by the water. I loved meeting Dave, the Thunderbird owner who joined us and let me sit the driver’s seat…

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Virtual Photo Walks: Steamers Lane

Steamers Lane in Santa Cruz, California is famous for it’s world class surfing. There’s even a museum there! So I decided to bring Virtual Photo Walks to the action by the sea to see what we could see. Hehhehheh. I was joined by friends Barry Blanchard, Natalia Stone and Roma Gee, who were all there…

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Virtual Photo Walks: Hovenweep National Monument

We did a Virtual Photo Walks at Hovenweep National Monument in Utah… and it was truly nothing short of a miracle! Why? Well, simply that during our entire trip through Utah – every spot I wanted to do a VPW from had little to absolutely NO cell reception! And then… out in the middle of…

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