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Courage… Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand I love moments like this that make you think iconic thoughts. Several crossed my mind – but maybe because of where I am in my own journey, I settled upon “Courage”. I think one of the marks of courage is knowing the odds… but sailing on (to use the immediate…

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Beauty and the Tire

She was so lovely in the morning, all blue-green sweetness. How does anyone wake up looking so refreshed?  Seriously. I gotta say, Queenstown Harbour is one gorgeous dame in the morning! I stood on a wall to take this picture… tripod and all. I wanted the whole kit’n kaboodle in the shot. I also posted…

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The Heavenly Light on Lake Wakatipu

Our first couple of days in New Zealand have been rainy, rainy, rainy! Big winds, power outages, trees down – exciting! Trey Ratcliff, Curtis Simmons and Scott Kublin and felt intrepid and eager to get out and start photographing though… so with big smiles positive expectations we jumped in the truck and took to the road. We were…

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