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Patience and Mama Birds

New Things New things are fun, aren’t they? New clothes, new ideas, new days… they make you feel reborn. Although it’s probably dorky to say that out loud. And yet… I just did. Here’s a new photo. I took it last month, recently processed it. The light was just right to make this row of…

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The Art of Living and The New Now

Looking Back, Taking a Breath Stuff is happening. Fast! I imagined summer to be “catch my breath” time. Hahahaha! Oh the folly¬†and whimsy of it all! The past few months have seen the launch of The Arcanum, a photo trip to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, followed immediately by a trip to NYC, filming several…

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Developments in the KHutt World!

This Summer Won’t Be Lazy! I thought this summer might be relaxing, once I got past installing my photography show here in Truckee. That’s this week! More soon… Then new stuff sprouted. You know the seeds you plant in the fertile earth, that with sufficient light, water and loving care eventually poke their heads above…

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