We 3 Pelicans

I live by a little lake in the mountains. We moved here a few years ago from only 2 miles away – but the entire world has changed. Before, it was all pine trees, all time. Truckee is, after all, in a national forest. But here, everything’s open. And the lake attracts a totally different…

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The Thing About HDR Photography

Mention “HDR”… then Duck! Mere mention of “HDR Photography” can be very polarizing amongst photographers. There are thems that love it – and thems that think HDR is the end of civilization as we know it. Or something along those apocalyptic lines. I like shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range). It’s fun. I like color –…

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Behind-The-Scenes: Truckee River

Have you ever been on vacation or a road trip and come across a really beautiful spot that you’d LOVE to photograph – but under less than optimal conditions? Maybe the light isn’t right, there are no cool clouds to offer some punch – but the place itself is lovely, you’d love to capture it…

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Bettylou: A Celebration of Life

May 12, 2013: Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day all! I made (and narrated) this video in 2008 for my mom Bettylou’s Celebration of Life. And it WAS a celebration! She made us promise we would do that when she was gone. She also made us promise we would dance… which we did! She wanted no…

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Moms, Choices and Life Legacies

Mother’s Day Week, 2013 Over on Google+, my good friend Brian Matiash (newly head of the Google+ Photos Team) asked  us to post something everyday this week over there with the hashtag #HeresToTheMoms. It’s been a special tribute to our moms and it’s been lovely! My mom shifted dimensions on July 20, 2008. But as one…

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Sunset Peeking: Lining up the elements

You wander around the beach at sunset, visions of brilliant cloud splendor dancing in your head. And yet… the heavens just aren’t cooperating as enthusiastically as you ‘d like. What to do, what to do? My ponderings exactly, on this particular evening with the hubs and photographer friends on 4 mile beach on Santa Cruz.