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Envision The Results

Intend. Envision. Enjoy. Cool. Moist. Relief.On my social streams a couple of days ago, I asked for help in thinking “cool, moist thoughts”?. Guess what’s happening now?Rain.Why was this so important? Because of the King Fire, a wildfire that’s been burning out of control since Sept. 11. It’s been moving ever closer to us… while…

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What Do You Desire Most?

Don’t Judge the Book By It’s Maker OK, I know this video was created by/for an insurance company. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s seriously awesome and makes me bawl. Every. Damn. Time.

The Chat with Karen Hutton: Scott Kelby

The One and Only Scott Kelby Scott Kelby is an icon in the Photography world. And rightfully so! His list of accomplishments is a mile long and growing, his influence is global, his vision has helped evolve an industry. That would be reason enough to want to do a Chat with him… but he’s also…

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New Zealand and The Chat

New Image: Milford Sound Today I’m in the mood to share a couple of things: first, a brand new photo. It’s from my trip to New Zealand earlier this year for Trey Racliff’s New Zealand Adventure in which I co-taught. We visited Milford Sound, of course… got rained out one night, but woke up to…

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Bettylou: A Celebration of Life

May 12, 2013: Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day all! I made (and narrated) this video in 2008 for my mom Bettylou’s Celebration of Life. And it WAS a celebration! She made us promise we would do that when she was gone. She also made us promise we would dance… which we did! She wanted no…

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