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A Night in the Apple

Best Time to Photograph Rockefeller Center Turns out, somewhere between 2 & 3am Sunday morning is a good time to photograph Rockefeller Center. That is, if you didn’t want an people in your shot! It all started with a birthday dinner. Which was late. And long. And Greek! In Astoria.

Fun With Nicole & Brian

It was such a blast getting to do an episode of The Chat with Nicole S. Young! We actually recorded that one awhile back. She was one of my first intrepid friends to step up as I was still working out my format, flow and style for the show. Nicole is fearless – and she…

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LIL Galleries: Love

I love photography. I love music. I love them together, separately, it just doesn’t matter. I love Love and know for sure that in the end, Love is All. So there you have it. LIL Galleries is my passion project: photographs, music, voice and story (two more things I love), all rolled into one. I…

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