The Everyday Genius of Your Artist’s Voice: Part 4, Cameras & Gear

Today’s episode of “The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice” gets into the shark infested waters of cameras and gear. But with a light touch! It’s really ALL about getting priorities straight: voice and vision first, the gear to best do the job second. Always.

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Meanwhile, Just Outside of Las Vegas…

I’m off to Photoshop World in Las Vegas today. Gonna jump on the big silver bird and wing my way to the Bugsy’s big playground in the desert.

OK, I’m really going to connect with a bunch of photographers, put my finger on the pulse of the industry – and probably go out in the desert and take pitchers (as my friend Barry Blanchard refers to photographing. hehheh).

This was from last year, when a few photographer friends headed out to Valley of Fire for what turned out to be a gorrrrgeous sunset. I’m hoping for another sky like this one! There are also wild donkeys out in another area out there… am hoping for a wee visitation. They are so awesome… but I don’t want to disturb their natural flow. If they happen to flow my way… well, who am I to turn away? Grin.
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Coming Wednesday: The Chat with Scott Kelby!

It All Happened a Few Months Ago…

A couple of months ago, I visited Kelby Media in Florida. My primary purpose was to visit my friend Kalebra Kelby… but it evolved into a content creation extravaganza! I was asked to be a guest on The Grid, which I was so delighted to do… plus I got to do episodes of The Chat with both Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion (which will be coming up in the next few weeks!). EVERYONE at Kelby Media in incredible in every way… and when they offered to make a set and actually handle the shooting of this episode, I thought I’d gone to heaven! I accepted their wonderful offer, am incredibly grateful to them… and am completely and utterly spoiled now! hahaha!

Scott Kelby: Teaching is Absolutely His Passion

Coming up on Wednesday: Scott Kelby!! I’m practically bursting at the seams with excitement to share this episode with you. I love it with all my heart – and I think you will too! It goes deep – and he shares his heart with us.

Teaching is woven into Scott Kelby’s soul.  In Wednesday’s full episode, he shares an incredibly powerful and personal story about how his passion for teaching was triggered. But in this clip, he sets the stage by sharing how he feels about it, where it comes from. To him, its a calling; one that a person is born with. And for Kelby, it’s one that has launched an legacy… and an empire.

My Awesome Visit to The Grid!


It All Started When…

How did this all happen? Well, my friend Kalebra Kelby invited me! When Kalebra did an episode of The Chat in Fall, 2013… we had such fun, we didn’t want it to end. So Kalebra piped up: “Come to Florida!” To which I cried: “An ADVENTURE! I’m in!” To which she responded “You can be on The Grid when you’re there!” And I exclaimed “Really? Cool! That’ll be fun!”

That’s pretty much how it happened.
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Behind-the-scenes with Kalebra

Whenever Kalebra Kelby and I get together – which isn’t all that often, BTW – it always feels like we could talk for days and days. Our visits always end too soon and they’re filled with laughter and deep thoughts. Plus alot of really silly jokes – and musings about chocolate. She’s a TOTAL choco-freakaholic, did you know that? Yep, true dat!

Did you miss her on “The Chat with Karen Hutton?” last week? No worries… it’s here.. 😀

When we were done with our Chat… the conversation had only just gotten started! A small group of us – including Dave Bell, who took these lovely photos, yakked for about another hour, sitting right where we were. Part of me wishes I’d recorded everything. But 1. I didn’t know that was going to happen and 2. sometimes out of respect, I don’t won’t turn the camera back on. Sometimes enough is enough; life really wasn’t meant to be a reality show, despite what television would have you believe.

We only HAD to quit talking because we all needed to be somewhere. But we picked up the next day over lunch with the same group though; skipped the small talk and got into the heart of things. I love people like that; with whom you can just be yourself and say what’s on your mind – and they’ll do the same. Is this a lost art nowadays? I’m wondering. But it’s one of the things I most treasure about time with Kalebra. Here’s a moment Dave captured of us recording “The Chat”:

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THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Kalebra Kelby!!

Talk about being a living, breathing inspiration for living an artful – and an art-filled life! Kalebra Kelby is all that – and more! Co-owner and principle of Kelby Media Group, pilot, singer, artist, iphoneographer, host of The Pinterest Show on Google+, wife, mom and awesome friend… Kalebra has her own unique approach to just about everything she does.

In this super special episode of The Chat, I caught up with Kalebra at Photoshop World convention in Las Vegas. It’s an event she and her husband Scott created and present each year – where they also perform with their band, Big Electric Cats. That’s only fitting, since that’s how they originally met; creating music in a band together. That collaboration went on to include much, much more!

Every time I talk to her, I walk away with new ideas and a new appreciation for the power of simple things – and how “being in the moment” can have HUGE impact in life, art and business. She lives life to the fullest, succeeds big and has her great big, beautiful heart leading the way. Call me a fangirl – but I loved Chatting with Kalebra – and can’t wait to do it again! Soon, please!

It is my sheer delight to present the one and only, Kalebra Kelby…