In An Abstract Mood

Criss-Cross Connections

I felt abstract today. Deeply layered, multi-colored, lively, but… abstract. Lots of crisses and crosses and bright light connections in my thoughts-a-plenty.

So I figured I’d just go with it and make a new piece from that place. I did it with my new Sony A7ii. Did I mention I finally sprung for a Sony to replace my NEX-7? Yup. Went for the fancy little dbl-ii. We can chat more about that, once I’ve had it more than 5 minutes. Mind you, I’ve only got the old lenses I used on my NEX-7 for now; Sony’s 10-18, 18-55 and 55-210. But that’s OK for the moment, while I figure out what I REALLY want to do with my camera situation. That’s a WHOLE other conversation; and a topic that contributed to my abstract-i-mood today.

Anyway, I strained my hip (it’ll recover, no biggie), so while I’m taking it easy I took my new little camera out to find some textures and light and lines while I thought about things. I like to do that, mediate through my camera. It’s fun to see what comes from through!

This was created from 4 or 5 different images… including the brushed stainless steel doors of the elevator that I rode up on my way back to the apartment.


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The Arcanum is Here!!

It All Started For Me 3 Years Ago…

Not in a galaxy far, far away… but in a Starbucks in Austin, TX.
I was out for SXSW and a big photo walk led by my friend Trey Ratcliff.
We sat down in Starbucks with his son Ethan for a warm and lovely mocha… and he told me his idea for a different kind of photography school.
He said photography education is broken (I agreed)… and he had an idea for a brand new approach.
It would be based upon the Master & Apprentice model of art education… but would utilize Google Glass (in its bare infancy) and a host of other high tech ways of connecting with each other as ways to be completely mobile and responsive. Did I want to be involved?

It sounded out there… part ancient education system, part video game, part Hogwarts, part I didn’t know what… but didn’t hesitate. YES! I was in.

And now… The Arcanum is here. The boat has left the shore… the journey has begun.