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Her New Coiffe

Click here to download MP3 Her friends thought her new doo was a tad overdone for everyday, although it definitely DID make a statement. She assumed their stares were that of envy and admiration, so she struck the pose and imagined it immortalized in People magazine. Oh, Snip-Snap!

Dramatic. Glamorous.

Click here to download MP3 Sometimes nature is so very dramatic and glamorous. She’ll just go for it. Break out her finery and sweep into that sky like the MEGA star that she is. I love it when she does that. I caught her this day in her explosionary finale of an intricately choreographed dance…

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Convict Lake

Click here to download MP3 My first visit there. I love that feeling of the first time… your heart quickens, your eyes get all sharp and darty at the new sights, even my stomach jumps around a little at the excitement of it all. I’m big on the story too – and I love hearing…

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Humphrey Bogart Was Here

Click here to download MP3 He was going out. He didn’t know when he would be back. Or even if he would. It was secret. Top secret. The call came in on the untraceable phone. The message was in code. Translation; grab the bag by the door and leave now. He learned long ago to…

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Dr. Who’s Time Travelin’ Time Lord Bar

Click here to download MP3 Isn’t this a nutty shot? So, I decided it’s Dr. Who’s traveling time lord bar. Cause I think Dr. Who must need a snort every now and then to unwind after a long day on the Time Lord time clock. And he sure wouldn’t want to run the risk of…

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Daggers and Fingers in Clouds… Oh My!

Click here to download MP3 Glenshire Pond, August, 2010. The clouds were just breaking up from an afternoon thunderstorm. It seemed like everyone who lives at the Pond had set up camp on their decks or in their yards for this light show. People driving by were even stopping their cars and getting out to…

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Behind The Green Door

Click here to download MP3 I love crazy old doors. What’s behind them? Who passes through them? How long have they been there? Now clearly, there’s alot going on with this one right here. It’s a storybook door. And judging by the individual frames on this door, the age old push me, pull me, hit…

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