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Valley of Friends

Valley of Fire, Nevada. Recently, I attended Photoshop World (PSW) in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was awesome to see old friends, meet new ones – make 2 on-location (LIVE!) episodes of The Chat and… get to visit the Valley of Fire for the very first time!

Sometimes Seeing Double is Awesome

First things first! Hint #2 about my FABULOUS ALL NEW GUEST on The Chat this coming Monday:  SHE is an artist. An amazing, amazing artist!! OK, you just got two hints. Who loves ya, baby! So there I was in Napa, California. Went there to get out of the smoke from the huge Rim Fire…

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Seeing Through Your Own (rose-colored) Glasses

I have this thing. Well, I have alot of “things”. But this one has to do with visioning vs. drinking the “it’s real” cool-aid. I love using photography to illustrate stuff I think about, so here goes. Simple version. I will begin – and end – here:

From Steampunk to Dreamy in One Fell Swoop

This photo surprise me, fo’sho! I started out going for a  sci-fi, kind of steampunk effect in my processing… and ended up with surreal, dreamy, otherwordly. Go figure! The thing that got me going in the first place – and I mean when I photographed this – were the roots. They just looked so strange.…

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Thunderstorm Days = Awesome Sunsets!

Since I love shooting sunsets, I especially watch for thunderstorms. Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains where I live, they are most prevalent in July/August – and are pretty much “drop everything” events if you’re a photographer! My electronics and computer equipment doesn’t love them – but my camera sure does! Here’s one from a…

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Swimming for Sunset in Hawaii

I’m in Hawaii for a few days. My hubs had to come over for work, so who was I to let him go alone? 😀 My only problem with going somewhere for only a few days is the anxiety of trying to fit too much into too little time! But I’m doing my best to…

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The Thing About HDR Photography

Mention “HDR”… then Duck! Mere mention of “HDR Photography” can be very polarizing amongst photographers. There are thems that love it – and thems that think HDR is the end of civilization as we know it. Or something along those apocalyptic lines. I like shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range). It’s fun. I like color –…

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