Behind-The-Scenes: Truckee River

Have you ever been on vacation or a road trip and come across a really beautiful spot that you’d LOVE to photograph – but under less than optimal conditions? Maybe the light isn’t right, there are no cool clouds to offer some punch – but the place itself is lovely, you’d love to capture it and you don’t have the option to lie about until everything is perfect? I know it’s happened to me! So as part of my ‘short video tutorial’ series, I made this one to offer some composition tips and post-processing ideas that can help you make the most of “meh” shooting conditions.

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Composition: Yuba River Bridge

I’m enjoying creating these short videos about photo composition and such. Since folks seem to like them, I’ll just keep going!

For this one, the hubs Joe Dolister and I spent a weekend wandering about our local area, which is in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. There are so many little scenes like the one in this video, which are incredibly beautiful – but which we tend to simply drive by on our way somewhere else. This day, we stopped at them all!

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Behind-The-Scenes at Big Bend with Karen Hutton

I photograph in my area quite often. Even though I might hit the same spots more than once, it’s always a fun challenge to find new ways of seeing them. This day, I decided to bring y’all along with me and share one of my favorite stops. It’s not the easiest kind of shot, with all the deep shadows and bright whites in the snow… but I never care. I just like standing by the water’s edge, listening to the roar of the river and seeing what kind of goodness I can walk away with. In this video I talk through what I did THIS particular day, using multiple exposures and a few different compositions:

Perfect Inspiration: The "Signature" Episode

I was honored and thrilled when Brian Matiash as me to do an episode for his Perfect Inspiration series at OnOne Software. I’ve posted the video tutorial portion below… and of course, you can find the whole thing at the link I just gave. There were a  handful of us he that asked to create episodes. The rest of were weekly episodes he created himself. This year-long series has been positively inspired. Better said, Brian Matiash is positively inspiring! In everything he does, he gives back. He gleefully brings people along for the most wondrous ride of learning all things photography. It’s his deepest passion, the thing he could do 24/7 and never call it work. Brian’s such a great friend and I was just so pleased to contribute to his utterly fantastic project. There is a wealth of inspired information over at Perfect Inspiration… all for free! So go on, what are you waiting for? Get over there and start soaking it all in. 😀 Through the magic of the internet, the video portion also appears here: (backstory below)

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