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A Weekend Chock-full of Animals

Visiting San Diego San Diego was calling. I answered. Mostly, I answered my awesome friend Laurie Rubin. She a wildlife and nature photographer, fabulous teacher and recently moved back to San Diego, where she’s a regular at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. She’s been beckoning. How could I resist? So…

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Do I Really Have to Tell You?

Some Stuff I Like About This Photo Y’know what I like about this photo? The colors. The light. The tree. The clouds (lerrrrrv the clouds!). The way it looks like the tree is dreaming those clouds out of its dreamy little noggin. That it’s vertical. Just some stuff I like about it. It’s not a…

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Beauty Awakens Us

Would You…? The questions cycles around with irregular regularity: “If you knew __________________ (the world were ending, this was your last day on the planet… you know, fill in the blank with whatever dire thingie you choose)… would you still photograph?” Two things always come pop into my mind on that one… First: you really…

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Classical Roots & Impressionistic Leanings

Dream States and Green Smoothies Creating content for my new website (due in Oct/Nov) has put me in a semi-dream state. I’m not dreamy all of the time, mine you – only some of it. It’s unpredictable. Like just now, for instance. I was daydreaming about a piece I’m working on… as I poured green…

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Then There's Jim

Peacock-Palooza! Yesterday’s post about Phil the Peacock has a Part 2. It’s name is Jim. He’s Phil’s fully technicolor counterpart. He also lives at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine; and was named after the┬ádean of the Cathedral, The Very Reverend Dr. James A. Kowalski. What follows is what I learned about Jim…

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The Myriad & Sundry Wonders of Waterfalls

Back from New York… aaahhhh I’m back on my mountain home turf… in incredible contrast to the marvelous urban jungle of New York City! I loved every minute of my time in NYC… and have SOOOOO many photos to share yet. But after a late night arrival back to California, a quick flight down to…

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The Wonder of Waterfalls

The Thing About Waterfalls You get soaking wet, unless you wear rain gear. Your ears ring after awhile. You REALLY don’t want to fall in! Photographing waterfalls is exhilarating, fun, tricky as heck, full of endless possibilities!