My Big, Fat Tonality Pro Webinar

Webinars-R-Us Throw on your backpack and come with me to school! Kidding. Kinda. OK, not entirely… because I really did to a webinar recently! It was for Macphun Software and their black and white plugin Tonality Pro, which I adore. I was asked to take viewers through a few images, KHutt style. I love it…

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Something Very Cool Is Coming!

Cool, Big, Awesome Truth be told, not just one thing is coming. But perhaps we can think of THIS one as the kickoff of “Cool Thing Season.” Yep, something BIG is definitely coming next week… and I can’t wait! Those of you who’ve been around here for awhile know I love a deal. And I…

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The Harvest of Gold

Harvest… It’s Only PART of the Story! Autumn is harvest time. And personally, I like the idea of harvesting gold. It doesn’t have to be literal gold… although… wait, give me a moment. [She pauses. Muses.] Yep, kinda love that idea too. But there’s more to this ‘golden harvest’ notion that I like… (Photo story:…

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Eastern Sierra Impressions

The Many Faces of Splendor This week just continues to amaze. Maybe it’s just the extreme appreciation you have when you’ve been cooped up for an entire summer, hammering away behind a computer… then step out into this:

Macro Autumn

As monochrome as yesterday’s post was, the day after that storm dawned ridiculously, shamelessly bright and clear. AND… with a couple inches of snow at the upper elevations! Couple that with some rad fall color – and you’ve got a breathtaking event. I found myself pulling out my 100 mm macro lens, the 24-70 AND…

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In A Monochrome Mood

Thinking in Black & White Today dawned bright and clear. But I digress… already! You’ll see this is a theme in today’s post… Yesterday here in the Eastern Sierras (where the hubs and I are running around photographing the INCREDIBLE ¬†fall colors), it was rainy… and snowy at the upper elevations (8000 feet and up).…

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The Rain Clears… Here Comes Fall Color!

First Rains of Autumn The first rain of the fall is always so exciting. No, it’s not like watching paint dry! It smells amazing, invigorating the very air with… I dunno… stuff that make you feel all alive and spiffy. The hubs and I are on a photo trip (I call it ‘photo tripping’) down…

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