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The Limelight

White Peacocks.. What the Whuuut? His name is Phil. He lives at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York City. He was dubbed thus after Phillip Foote, the former head of The Cathedral School. Phil made my day.

Setting Sail from New York

It’s Time to Go I voyage home today. And I will be back. New York has been amazing. No, make that beyond amazing. Friends… family… new Chat episodes… food… scenes from all over the city… photography… sigh. I covered SO much territory on foot that I’m in better shape now than when I arrived 2…

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Get the MacPhun Super Special While it Lasts!!

I Love To Pass Great Deals on to My Friends! And this is one of them!! PLUS… use the code KHUTT and get 10% off this fabulous price on the MacPhun Creative Suite! It includes their Creative Suite, a ViewBug Premium membership & their brand new Macphun app. (due for release this Summer!! The catch: MacPhun is limiting…

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Summer in the City

Walking for Miles My UP band said: 25,900 steps that day. It also said “17.1 miles”, which I don’t believe… especially since I never calibrated it. I hear calibration is key for reliability in mile measurement, though I’m honestly no expert on UP bands, only on walking. MY POINT IS: we’ve been walking ALOT in…

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Art, Meet Life

Using Art to Make Art? Generally, Not a Fan. I not a huge fan of making art using someone else’s art. It’s not a moral judgement or anything, it’s just that any artist puts their own blood, sweat and tears into their work… and it’s theirs, not mine. By the exact same token, there are…

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A Night in the Apple

Best Time to Photograph Rockefeller Center Turns out, somewhere between 2 & 3am Sunday morning is a good time to photograph Rockefeller Center. That is, if you didn’t want an people in your shot! It all started with a birthday dinner. Which was late. And long. And Greek! In Astoria.

My Friend Michaela's "New Day"

Over here, I mostly talked about art/life/inspiration/photography-related stuff. But like everyone, I have a past. No, not sordid and reality-show style past! I used to coach news reporters and anchors in voice and on-air performance. I did this for close to 25 years. About 15 years ago, I met Michaela Pereira. It was right before…

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